Inferno C.Q.B. Airsoft Tallaght is the largest indoor airsoft arena in the Republic of Ireland with over 20,000 sqft of combat potential. 

We also have a fully stocked shop full of airsoft replicas and accessories at very competitive prices. 

Special order requests are also available for that piece you just cant quite get your hands on!

What is Airsoft? 

Airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport in which participants shoot opponents with spherical plastic projectiles launched via replica air weapons called airsoft guns, people sometimes refer it to being similar to paintball just without the mess and a lot more realistic.

Opening Hours & Prices

Saturday &  Sunday


HALF DAY TIMES 11am-2:30pm or 2:30pm-6pm

Half day own equipment - €15

Full day own equipment - €25

Half day Rental equipment - €35

Full day  Rental  equipment - €50 

Wednesday Night 6pm-10pm

Own equipement - €15
Rental equipment - €30

Whats included in a re
ntal package?

All rental packages include the following?

*Rental Gun
*Gaming Fee 

Private Bookings and Inquiries
Private booking sessions are available outside of our public hours, you can find our public times above. A minimum of 12 people is required to avail of a private booking.

For any inquiries on anything airsoft please contact us via email or phone, we are more than happy to help with all your airsoft needs.